New Firestone Dirt Track tire sizes from Coker

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coker tire image

Coker Tire Company expands its product line yet again, and has released three new Firestone Dirt Track sizes to fit the rear of traditional hot rods, as well as vintage sprint cars. The new sizes are 11.00-15, 11.00-16 and 14/31-15. Firestone Dirt Track tires were used on many famous cars that graced the covers of Hot Rod, Street Rodder and Rod & Custom magazines. Specifically, the Firestone eleven hundred sixteen Double Diamond was the tire of choice for hot rodders of the ‘70s and ‘80s. The age and rarity of the tires kept many hot rodders from running them, so Coker Tire sourced an original tire and used its dimensions to create new molds. During the development of the eleven hundred sixteen tire, two additional sizes were worked into the product line to serve as alternative hot rod fitments. The tires are authentic to the ‘60s and ‘70s era, and they’re perfect for a high boy, rat rod or race-inspired hot rod. Just like all Firestone Dirt Track tires, the new sizes are made in the USA and they are DOT approved. Whether you’re working on a traditional hot rod or a vintage race car, the new Firestone Dirt Track sizes are a great fit.