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Three Hot Rods, 231 Years of Rod History The Isky T, Elvis Car and Leham-Leonardo Roadster Today there remains a large number of hot rods from the pre-war era (read: original hot rods), but few of those survivors can boast a story that these three roadsters offer. The trio of black beauties originated from Southern…continue reading »

Barris’ Villa Riviera

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Barris’ Villa Riviera

The Villa Riviera began as George Barris’ personal car, a gift from Buick Division’s press fleet to “see what he can do with it.” Barris did a lot with it and as he did, he wrote a series of articles and photo documented each step of the customization in Hot Rod magazine’s 1964 Custom Car…continue reading »

Syracuse Nationals Heats Up the Summer

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Syracuse Nationals

by John McCartney Each July, the Syracuse, New York, Fairgrounds are turned into a one big car lovers’ paradise. Syracuse’s Ol’ Skool Roundup is a highlight for everyone and the Back-Yard Build Off is one of the favorite parts of the Roundup. This marked the fourth year for this event, in which builders come up…continue reading »

Nine Lives Custom: Beto’s 1951 Chevy Fleetline

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1951 Chevy Fleetline

Words: Tony T-Bone Colombini; Photos: Mike Basso; Model: Lovely Miss T In this feature, we expose the secret that connects us with our classic vehicles. As I spoke with Robert “Beto” Rojas to find the story behind his fine sled, we ended up talking about the agony and the ecstasy of building it. We all know this…continue reading »

Downtown Brown – ’30 Model A Tudor

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Downtown Brown – ’30 Model A Tudor and Model

By @AdPix.Biz; Model: Lucy Purr We at Koolhouse sometimes interview car owners with “Tell us about some features on your car that really stand out.” In Brian Basfield’s case, after a pause he answered “You’d have to list the whole car.” And he’s right. There are great individual elements there, but shortly you realize that…continue reading »

Hand Me Down Hot Rod – Steve Edwards’ 1927 roadster

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1927 Roadster

Words: Eddie “T-Bird” Donato;Photos: Mike Basso; Model: Darby Fox Keeping his eyes open, scouring swap meets and do-it-yourself fabrication were the keys to Steve Edwards building his 1927 roadster. Virtually every component of the roadster was given to him or he worked out a great deal. Having built hot rods since he was 15 years old,…continue reading »