Crazy Fast Cracker, Part 2

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1952 Chevy

Words: Anna Marco; Photos: Mike Basso; Model: Audrey Deluxe

Tom Foster’s customized 1952 Chevy deserves a return engagement.

We first introduced you to Tom Foster, a.k.a. “Crazy Fast Cracker,” seven years ago in issue 32 of Car Kulture Deluxe. Back then, his wicked ‘52 Chevy (built by Dennis McPhail, Elden Titus, Marcos Garcia, Frank Palmer, Jeff Myers, John Aiello) rolled hard on the streets of Los Angeles. It still does, only now this radically pedigreed custom has received some upgrades and been tweaked for a more personal style. It deserves a second mention.

What’s a “crazy fast cracker?

In case you missed it the first time, Tom is a member of the Beatniks Car Club, a mechanical engineer, and a custom bike builder with lots of awards and mad respect under his belt. His resume reads like a genius list for the aerospace and defense industry, but for fun he builds award winning mechanical terrors that push the limits of speed on Earth. He’s no dummy when it comes to safety and for thirty years he’s been building high performance, technically advanced motorcycle product. He demands nothing but the best and has worldwide clientele to prove it. His living room is packed with trophies and he got his nickname, “crazy fast cracker,” because he rides the fine line of both speed and style. Google “CrazyFastCracker” and gaze upon his stunning bike builds.

Sled style

In 1997 in Oklahoma, this ‘52 Chevy was a battered wreck in Joe Castro’s field. “Artist at Large” and Beatnik CC member, Dennis McPhail found it and conceived of the original build project. The car was shipped to Kansas where two world class Hall of Fame fabricators tackled the vehicle from the inside out. First, Jeff Myers and the late Elden Titus took on bodywork, then the car was shipped to California where Marcos Garcia and John Aiello (Lucky 7) handled the chop and finished the car. Meanwhile, Frank Palmer refabricated the original grille and added fender scoops while Fat Lucky’s Upholstery (Austin, TX) stitched the interior. The Chevy morphed into a sleek purple sled and so Beatnik club brother, George Garza (another stylish custom car aficionado) had to have it and bought it from Dennis.

Speed Demon

Tom Foster has high standards for customs and everything else in his world. He’s picky but when he saw the impeccable lines, craftsmanship and chop of this traditionally styled Chevy, he gave George a fat stack of bills for it and vowed never to sell it. Back then, Tom already had long range plans to further refine the vehicle (interior, paint and accessories) and after several years, it’s finally happened.

Today, it flaunts a gloss black paint job by Richie Valles, new upholstery over 1965 T-Bird seats by Santana’s (Santa Fe Springs, California) and a Kicker sound system. The custom is nosed, decked, shaved, has frenched antennas, flared rockers, rolled doors, and 1949 Ford taillights. It’s powered by a 230 inline 6-cylinder bored to 250 with a Clifford Research aluminum intake manifold and Holley 390 4-barrel carb.

Put it all together and you get speed and style. Tom Foster demands only the best. Audrey Deluxe is a nice ornament, too.
For more info check out Instagram @crazyfastcracker.


Owner: Tom Foster

Occupation: Mechanical engineer/custom motorcycle builder

Builders: Owner, Dennis McPhail, Elden Titus, Jeff Myers

Vehicle: 1952 Chevy sedan

Chop: 6” (by Lucky 7: Marcos Garcia & John Aiello)

Body mods: flared rockers, frenched antenna, shaved drip rails, rolled doors, nosed, shaved, fender scoops by Frank Palmer

Grille: V’d Oldsmobile bar/1953 grille surround

Paint: Gloss black

Painter: Richie Valles

Graphics: Mat Egan

Engine: Chevy 250 inline 6-cylinder

tranny: Turbo 350

Intake: Clifford Research aluminum intake with Holley 390 4-bbl carb

Ignition: HEI

Exhaust: Custom header

Rear End: 9” Ford

Suspension: F- Fatman Fabrications clip
R- 4-link

Brakes: F- Camaro disc
R- Drum

Wheels: 15×6 steel with Cadillac caps

Tires: 205/75R15 Coker American Classics

Seats: 1965 T-Bird

Upholstery: Pleated white vinyl

Upholsterer: Santana’s Upholstery (Santa Fe Springs, CA)

Dashboard: Custom insert with Mooneyes gauges

Steering: ’60s Chevy column, 1959 Impala

Taillights: 1949 Ford

CAR CluB: Beatniks