Bucket List

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What will you do before you die? Eric Conner already knows. He is going build every single hot rod he has ever wanted. Sounds like a damned good plan.

Top o’ the list

Eric Conner has a list, a bucket list of ten cars that he will build before he meets his maker. A 1930-32 Ford five-window coupe was at the top of the list. This is it. Meet “Number One.”

Eric pounced on it the minute he found it on Craigslist. He had been searching six months for one of these and he wasn’t going to waste anymore time. The idea was simple: chopped, channeled, custom frame, small block Ford, Hot Rod Flatz paint and tuck-n-roll interior. The vision had been rolling around in his head for years. When asked why, the answer was simple: “They are badass.”

Blame Dad

It always starts with the father. Blame Dad and bless his soul. He always loved hot rods and customs and now, so does his son. Father knows best. Unfortunately, Eric lost his mind for a while and digressed into import racers for 15 years but we forgive him. Actually, lowered Datsun 510s aren’t that bad, but when Eric admitted he wasn’t “feeling fulfilled until I built my first old school hot rod and its been full throttle ever since,” we knew he had regained his senses. To prove it, he built three hot rods, four custom trucks and two traditional kustom cars within ten years. Watch for a gold 1960 Olds 88 next.

The teal green hot rod is a stout mover (and handler) with a Ford 302, lake style headers, dropped axle and 4-link rear suspension. It’s called “hot rod” for a reason.

SoCal Suspension

Eric owns SoCal Suspension and thus hates doing bodywork, but he prevailed on the project and after seven months with the help of close friends Jeremy Runyen (bodywork/channel), Pete Goldberg (bodywork), Jason and Omar, he accomplished his goal.  Special thanks goes to Mike Davey for paint and Armando for interior (forget the tuck-n-roll; diamond stitch rocks!). This 1931 Ford Model A is a keeper and it’s a looker, too.


  • Owner/Builder: Eric Conner
  • Occupation: Owner, SoCal Suspension   
  • Location: El Cajon, CA
  • Builder: Eric Connor
  • Vehicle: 1931 Ford Model A coupe
  • Chop: 6”
  • Channel: 4”
  • Body Mods: Louvered deck lid & hood, handmade frame
  • Grille Shell: Sectioned 1932 Ford
  • Paint: Hot Rod Flatz Teal Green Metallic
  • Painter: Mike Davey (Davey Auto Body)
  • Pinstriping: Manny Cisneros (CSNRS Color Studio)
  • Engine: Ford 302
  • tranny: Ford C4 automatic
  • Intake: Edelbrock
  • Ignition: MSD
  • Exhaust: Lake style headers
  • Rear End: Ford 9”
  • Suspension: F- Chromed drop beam on transverse spring;
    R- Custom 4-link air (Pete & Jakes)
  • Brakes: F- Disc; R- Drum
  • Wheels: F: 16×5 chrome; R: 16×6 chrome
  • Tires: F- 4.50/4.75-16 Firestone/
    Coker WWW;
    R- 7.50-16 Firestone/
    Coker WWW
  • Seats: Custom bench
  • Upholstery: White diamond stitch
  • Upholsterer: Armando (Lindy’s Upholstery)
  • Dashboard: Flaked stock
  • Steering: Pearl white 1940 Ford wheel
  • Taillights: Mooneyes 1939 Ford blue-dot

Words: Anna Marco. Photos: Mike Basso. Model: Hailey Rose

Wardrobe credits: Bordello shoes/Lady K Love apparel