The 9th Annual Rockabilly Extravaganza

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Rockabilly Extravaganza

Words: Anna Marco; Photos: Anna Marco & DCImagery

Bippity Bop

This annual rockabilly car show at Riverside Airport every November is where you tune in and turn on to twelve bands on two stages packed with musical action. It’s holiday fun for the whole family, with lots of activities (carnival rides/crayon booth) for kids, too. Even Santa was there!

This time around, 3000 people and 600 cars from gassers to lowriders supported fund raising efforts for City of Hope and Sigma Beta Xi (At Risk Teen support). A big turnout of car clubs, many bearing swanky handmade trophies, included clubs cruising in from as far away as Vegas and Colorado to join the fun. A big thanks to The Cadillac Kings (host club), Lords, The Gonners, The Hoods, The Relics, The Misfits, The Junkyard Pirates, Slow Lane Familia CC, The Bandoleros, Saints Thirteen, and the Loco Banditos.

The Pedal Car Drags & Wagon Contest

Junior rodders are the future of our hobby and getting them involved in custom car appreciation while young is good for them and us. At this show, kids aged 12 and under were admitted free.

The pedal cars drags were a hot affair with two races and two brothers battling it out for first place. Meanwhile, all the kids get awards, candy, and coloring pages, so the whole gig is rigged in their favor. The drags are hosted by Anna Marco (Koolhouse Publishing) while Henry’s Upholstery helms the mini-car show and wagon contest. It was a huge turnout and a good time. Support your junior rodders!

Fun For All

There’s lots to see and do for adults at this event, too, including a roller derby, a pin-up contest, a fire eater, a sword swallower, Money Tree Man, WW2 plane rides on the “D-Day Doll,” grooming in the Suavecito barber trailer, a full bar, a beer garden, a ton of vendors with cool swag and personalized pinstriping by both Chilin’ and Kong. This year’s Special Guest was Bill Hines.

Kudos to the Riverside Airport crew and Commemorative Air Force (C.A.F.) for their help. The Rockabilly Extravaganza is not just a car show; it’s a way of life.

The 2016 band lineup will include Vicky Tafoya & the Big Beat, Delta Bombers, Minor Strut, Amber Foxx, Bebo & The Good Time Boys, Sandbox Bullies, Cretins Cattle, and The Lucky Boys. See ya November 26, 2016. 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Info: Venue: Riverside Airport, 6951 Flight Road, Riverside CA.  Entry fee is $10.