Old School Sportster

Old School Sportster
My '74 XLCH 2-Wheel 'Hemi' Engined 'Bar Hopper' Sportster "Pecker Head", features: Motor Bored .020, Wiseco 10:1 Pistons, Andrews Cams, Manley Valves, S&S Carb, Barnett Clutch, Modified/ Lightened Valve-Train, Accel/Champion ignition w/Total loss electrics (means I can go 100 miles before I have to recharge battery!) Plus a bunch of 'Old School' Speed Secrets! Bike runs a 16" rear wheel and 19" front w/Dunlops all round. Rear/Front End lowered 2" via Progressive shocks/springs. Hand made aluminum brackets and everything has holes drilled in it cause I like it that way!! Shitload more mods coming!! Painted Blue w/Black Wrinkle finish Wide Stripe and silver accent stripping plus some decals and crappy home spun lettering!! Loud and Crude!! Hope it passes the test! Thanks.
Date posted: April 5th, 2003 Average rating: 2.67  (3 votes)
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