frisco style chopper

frisco style chopper
hello all, mid sixties bobber built by OBSOLITE ENGINEERING in Avon Lake Ohio. 440 225-0752 the mill is 1964 harley davidson with H-beam rods, weisco forged pistons, C-grind cam, STD heads , jockey shift, foot clutch. motor has been balanced @56% the chassis is an old sante with a shave and a haircut. speed drilled gussets, stripped down 20 lbs, tank is hand made, rear fender hand made, oil bag is hand made and sighned by Bill Jenks from Mooneyes, Z-bars are hand made, seat is hand made with white tuck and roll, house of color silver flake base / candy apple red top coat. when i was a kid, my parents took us to the drive-in movies to see Hell's Angell's 69. the bikes they rode were the real deal ! the tv chopper thing makes me wanna throw up. wide tire , generic , credit card choppers , drama shows, iron cross t-shirts, yada yada. this is my opinion only, you have the right to build and ride whatever ,as motorcycles are extensions of our own unique personalities. Russ Pistons Hot Rod Ass. Cleveland Ohio
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Posted by Dude on 12/10/11 at 2:38 AM
Posted by THOMAS WOODROW LYNCH on 03/06/12 at 8:11 AM
Now thats a sled. Yur right about the drama queen no reality bullshit. That piece of goddy crap jr. Past off as a bike on the build off the other day AND WON! against a guy who put his heart an soul into his creation just shows how far the BIKE COMMUNITY has moved from the reality of what a bike truly is

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